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Hello, my name is Cédric Marteau. I am a designer & front end developer.

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Hello, my name is Cédric Marteau. I am a designer & front end developer.

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Cédric Marteau, designer & front end developer

Alerte métro

Personal project

Initially a school project during an intensive iOS week, Alerte métro became a personal project that will soon be available on the App Store. This application allows you to view the schedule the time of the last Paris metro and set an alarm not to miss it.

iOS Development UX Design
  • 3 steps to select your metro station
  • The application shows the time and suggests to activate the alarm
  • Ratp Api call to determine the time of the last metro

Vendredi Soir
au club vidéo

DeuxHuitHuit project

This project taken from the studio Deux Huit Huit for National Film Board of Canada, provides more information about the club videos life in Quebec. With the demise of VHS and DVD, they had to adapt, thus hoping for a second life ...

Development UX Design
  • World of videos in the 90's
  • World of a video club with parallax effect
  • Graphics of dvd menus

Figure by Propellerheads

School project

Upon its release, the application of Propellerheads very quickly acquired a strong popularity for its user experience. The challenge for us is to consider the application, understand vulnerabilities, thus improving the experience and interface. Project carried out in early 2012.

UX Design Graphism
  • Overhaul of Home menu
  • Thinking about the user experience with a timeline
  • Respect of the original art direction

Beer VS Wine

School project

Beer VS Wine can exploit data visualization technologies. The subject, atypical to say the least, allows for interesting interactions with the user.

JS Development UX Design
  • Illustrate the consumption of wine and beer in the world
  • Work on the interaction with the user to expose the subject

Tourisme Montréal

DeuxHuitHuit project

Tender in summer 2012, Montreal Tourism wished to re-examine its entire communication policy. With the Deux Huit Huit team, we built our response on Montreal life and the convivial spirit that brings people to the city.

UX Design Strategy
  • Create an interface that adapts to the type of tourist
  • Designing a space to meet people, know the best places in the city and develop its own route

Apartments du Louvre

Personnal project

Charles Caldi young Parisian entrepreneur decides in 2012 to rent his apartments in a building near the Louvre. The hierarchy of information is similar to the architecture of the building with its floors (from top to bottom, from the 6th floor to the ground floor).

Development UX Design
  • Create a simple user experience to book within the spirit of luxury
  • Recreate the universe of the building with its floors



Student web for 4 years now, I love experimenting with technology and designing a strong user experience. In Spite of the trend with the industrialization of the Web, I wish to remain a craftsman in the medium.
I really appreciate to invest me on creative projects in order to obtain a real finished product.

Beyond the world of digital, I am impassioned by the extreme travel and sports.



Graduated in 2011 from the Institute of technology, I am now HETIC, a web school based in Paris. During the last two years, I was likely to work at the sides of DeuxHuitHuit and Firstborn Multimedia through internships.

"Humble, Cédric is able to submit ideas to his team while not forcing them, even on projects he was not directly invovled in. His talent and efficiency has been really helpful for our company."Nicolas Brassard, technical director at Deux Huit Huit
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Fanatic of new technologies and the different uses they make possible, I am naturally thrilled by the front end development and user experience. I love working my creativity and with creative profiles.

My technology of predilection is of course Javascript coupled with HTML 5 and the CSS3.
As regards the design, I frequently use Omnigraffle to make wireframes.